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Amazing STOCKING STUFFERS for Christmas 2015. FIVE UNIQUE PENDANTS IN ONE SET: The entire set consists of five beautifully designed pendants resembling the Christmas season. Each of them has a different style icon on it. The unique pendants in a single set are what make it different from all the products available in the market. Along with the five pendants, five extra metallic chains are also included for suspending each one of those. The chains are designed to fit any size.

WELL POLISHED AND PERFECTLY DESIGNED: All of the pendants are painted with bright colors and are very well-maintained with the liable expectations that kids desire during Christmas celebrations. It might be noted that these pendants are specifically meant for kids, but the attractive design also intrigues teenagers. The enamel polish on each pendant makes it quite irresistible. Due to the enamel finishing, the color doesn’t fade easily.

STYLISH PENDANTS FOR THE CHRISTMAS SEASON: The set is specially designed for Christmas and has almost all of the characters denoting the Christmas holiday. It includes icons such as Santa Claus, an Xmas Tree, the White Snowman, a Candy Stick, and a Christmas Bell. The pendants can be perfectly enjoyed by you on their own, or can be distributed among friends, siblings and cousins. It is sure to be desired by all!

PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR LOVED ONES: The packing of this set with all five pendants makes it a perfect gift item for your loved ones. The set consists of well-polished pendants to give them a glittery look. Either gift it to a family friend or give it to your kids. This product has features that can catch anyone’s eye and make them fall in love with it.

GURANTEED FESTIVE MOOD: These five stylish pendants are guaranteed to put you in a joyful mood and will force you to be lost in the festive mood of the Christmas holiday. This is a Christmas present that you don’t want to resist, and it will never let you down if you are planning to gift it or wear it for the wonderful occasion! The pendant itself gives you a glimpse of the celebration. Your expectations will surely be met beyond reality after getting it delivered to your door.




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