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BEAUTIFUL TRADITIONAL FOLDING FAN WITH STRONG GIFT BOX: This set consists of a beautiful black-and-white colored traditional folding Chinese fan. The fan is mesmerizing and can also be kept as a decoration to enhance your interior. For wall hanging, it has been attached with laces at the lower end. It also comes with a strong, bag-like box to hold the fan when not in use.

ANTIQUE GRAPHICS: The graphics on the fan are spread over the entire surface, which appears like some vintage Chinese cultured design. It has been colored black and white in an organized pattern, making the shade itself appear like a traditional design. The fan looks like some kind of antique piece that has been passed down from generations. The red box that comes along has also been designed with the same graphic style, which makes it look more like a normal clutch bag than a simple paper box.

LIGHT WEIGHT AND USER CONVENIENT: The fan has the weight of a feather and can be taken anywhere you want. It’s foldable, due to which it occupies very less space in your bag and can fit perfectly even into a clutch bag. The box provided is stylish; it even allows you to carry on your hand in case you are travelling without a hand bag. You will never regret taking it with you anywhere.

GREAT ITEM FOR THEATER LOVERS: It can be a great accessory for theater lovers, especially during hot summers; you can use the fan to get some air when the surrounding turns hot. With this fan, you won’t have to carry along those pieces of newspapers as you did earlier when you went to a theater. Make yourself look stylish even while fanning yourself in public places.

PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT: This is probably the best gift you can present to your loved ones for Christmas. Gifting it on Christmas will indicate that as winter goes, summer will be arriving, so you can make your loved ones feel the hit of summer with this hand fan.




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